Mr. Md. Sabur Khan as a person is a very simple and known absolutely as a man of pleasant personality. He is workaholic and leading his company like an extensive transformation. He kept his business and product line very specific and recent success ratio is very much cautionary tale for others. Today he is leading the largest education network and trusted ICT conglomerate in Bangladesh. His recent strategy is to “Going Global” and already started operation in Malaysia, Dubai, UK, USA and soon going to step in other possible regions of the world. His journey was not easy but his devotion in achieving his dream brought him the success.

The start of the dream:

In his own word “the secret of becoming entrepreneur is my “dream”. I really wanted to be a successful entrepreneur. I wanted it from my heart. I never thought whether my decision is right or wrong. But I paid my effort to make it right decision”. One must have big dream, high ambition, strong commitment, tireless effort and that will take him to his destination and that is the secret of today’s Daffodil”

He also added, “there was another reason which supported my dream and that is I was always late in the morning. While taking decision of my career I never counted the problems to achieve my goal rather I accepted it and took it as challenge to overcome the problems.”

Change, Do or Die:

It was not so easy decision for Mr. Khan to become entrepreneur during his time. He started with ICT Business and on that time ICT was not at all focused in Bangladesh. But he knew that someday ICT will be effective means for Business and Day to Day life. He took the challenges. Today he is named among those few persons who contributed silently to develop the ICT sector in Bangladesh and Bangladesh is called the emerging tiger in ICT Arena.

He didn’t confined his business arena only in PC marketing rather he brought innovation, extended its business scope. Introduced Bangladesh Brand and brought other products and attached ICT services in his business. The simple logic here is we cannot keep doing same thing and expect success all times. Rather we have to do different, add values and know the customers and market. He started ICT Training Center during the year 1997 to develop the human resources and later he focused on Education sector as well.

Listen to consumer:

Mr. Khan always welcomed to hear the problem in the business process and this helped him to find solution, develop the product and its services and know the competitors. Also helped him to introduce new service features and adding values to a great extent. This was necessary and helped to build a better business and better relationships.

Accepting the truth:

Taking right decision is a matter of huge challenge and to take right decision in business it is always required to have adequate data from every sector ie, consumer, shareholder, market, employee, industry, competitors, trends and etc. Also sometimes we get opportunities and we need to act very quickly here. So we have to take the challenges. Mr. Khan always loves to take challenges and keeps trust on his peoples and accept the result whether it works or fails.

Sense of Responsibility:

Mr. Khan believes that a good entrepreneur feel a deep sense of responsibility for organization. The responsibilities are for the business/services, peoples in it and for the nation. We must have the ethics that whatever we do must do good and whatever decision we take must justify its consequences among others and organizations future. This is a pretty personal process. When you’re doing what you love and it’s working, you don’t get tired working what other people might consider long hours or crazy schedules. It’s just fun. It’s energizing.

According to Mr. Khan, if you are running a public company, you’ve got to deliver short-term results and you have to think about its future more than your life.