Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Initiatives of Dr. Md. Sabur Khan 

Dr. Md. Sabur Khan has integrated social responsibility as a fundamental part of his business strategy and culture at the Daffodil Group. This commitment is reflected in a series of impactful initiatives, focusing on national development through ICT and education.

Comprehensive CSR Initiatives

1. Holistic Education and Training: 

Prioritizing the development of a well-educated young generation, the Daffodil Group ensures quality education and training. This is achieved by making education affordable, accessible in both urban and rural areas, and maintaining high standards across institutions.

2. Advancing ICT Expertise: 

A core mission is to develop Bangladesh into an ICT expert nation. This involves contributing to the development of science and ICT and promoting technical education to develop a skilled workforce.

3. Empowerment and Inclusivity: 

Significant efforts are made for women empowerment, integrating retired service holders, and people with disabilities into various economic sectors, ensuring their active contribution to the national economy.

4. Entrepreneurship Development: 

The Daffodil Group focuses on solving employment problems by developing entrepreneurs, thereby creating new job opportunities and fostering economic growth.

5. Scholarships and Support for Youth: 

Dr. Khan has initiated scholarship programs for students, professionals, teachers, and sports talents, supporting underprivileged youth through skill training to help them become self-dependent.

6. Community Engagement: 

The Daffodil Group aids different social institutions and disadvantaged people, promoting education and cultural activities.

7. Daffodil Institute of Social Sciences (DISS): 

DISS provides comprehensive support for disadvantaged, underprivileged, street, and orphan children, offering free education, vocational training, and basic amenities, along with job opportunities post-education.

8. Jeebika Project: 

As part of the Daffodil Foundation, this project includes computer donations, educational support, and other social awareness activities, aimed at community welfare.

9. Bangladesh Venture Capital Limited (BVCL): 

Fostering entrepreneurship, BVCL provides early-stage funding and support to startups, contributing to a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem

10. Triple star special school (TSSS): 

Triple Star Special School, supported by the Daffodil Foundation, is a beacon for autistic children, prioritizing their education and well-being. Through tailored curricula, specialized therapies, and a commitment to inclusivity, the school fosters holistic development. Collaborating with professionals, it imparts crucial skills, instills belonging, and raises awareness of autism, showcasing the transformative impact of education and compassion. A true champion for every child's potential, irrespective of their unique abilities.

11. Personal Contributions: 

Beyond organizational initiatives, Dr. Khan personally supports young people for various educational and social causes, including equipment donations for different institutions.

Vision and Impact

Under Dr. Khan's leadership, the Daffodil Group has become a model for CSR, with a clear vision of creating a poverty-free, skilled nation. These initiatives contribute significantly to sustainable economic growth and societal upliftment in Bangladesh, reflecting Dr. Khan's unwavering commitment to societal betterment.

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