A Journey Towards Entrepreneurship

About the book

book The book titled ‘A Journey Towards Entrepreneurship’ is the fourth book written by Mr. Md. Sabur Khan. Mr. Khan is the Founder & Chairman of Board of Trustees of Daffodil International University & Daffodil Family. The main intension of publishing the book is to encourage & motivate the young generation so that they can start their career as Entrepreneur. The handbook covered different issues elaborately: Leadership, Entrepreneurship Past, Present and Beyond, how to become successful, Entrepreneurial Employees (Intrapreneurship), Value, Brand and Business Growth, Business Plan and Budgeting, Startup and Venture Capital, Marketing & Customer, Networking & Communication, Complaints and Customer Satisfaction, Success Stories,etc.


book The book 'A Journey Toward Entrepreneurship' written by Dr. Md. Sabur Khan is translated in Croatian languaged titled 'Putovanje Prema Poduzednisdua' in June 2021 by his fellow learners.